The Roxstox story

Interview with Jochen Hofmann, founder of Roxstox

Roxstox is a big thing which is not established overnight. How did it all begin?

As a teenager at the end of the eighties, I discovered my passion for rock and metal. Tees and other souvenirs from concerts then formed the basis of my first small merchandise collection which I could hardly afford from my apprenticeship premium.

At the turn of the millennium, the internet came into play. My collection had increased and dealing online was possible. As an internet hobbyist I created a website for my tee collection. At that time, it was one of the first of its kind. I came into contact with other collectors, the collector’s scene in the internet grew, in 2007, I then founded the forum Shirtchaser with a collector friend. During some years of forum work many ideas and wishes developed which I wanted to pursue.

What kind of ideas did you pursue?

As a collector, at some point you wonder: What do I have, what is it all worth?

So I started recording my tees one by one in a table and researched market prices. I wondered what might happen if everybody did that and all information were collected. At the same time, dealing on the large auction platforms became less and less attractive. Today the market is flooded with fakes and cheap mass-produced articles. Our collector community needed a new home to deal and swap safely. Roxstox was the solution: a collector portal with a huge data base, auctioneer and swap meet – and exclusively for private collectors!

That’s how the plan for something big came into being. What happened then?

We were looking for like-minded people in the collector’s world. Thus, a temporary cooperation existed with Musiksammler [music collector], a portal specialized in sound carriers. Musiksammler also contributed part of today’s Roxstox item data base. Then the long road of research and planning as well as looking for partners and investors began. But at some point it became clear that there was no going back! We founded the GmbH [limited liability company] and started the implementation. Nearly 24 months later, in May 2017, the portal went online.

So finally you made it. How does Roxstox work, what is different from other portals?

A small core team is responsible for developing and operating the portal. The rest is strongly influenced by the members. These fill the data base by their collectibles, deal, swap and get into contact with each other. Band or item mentors from our members make sure that the contents are up-to-date and the procedures correct - a real teamwork.

This is also the special character of Roxstox. It is a platform from collectors for collectors. We do not restrict it to one musical style or collection area. From our own long experience we have implemented exactly the functions and details needed by a real collector.

We have, for example, developed international auction and swap procedures. We also include customs duties and shipping. Everything is clearly defined and there is a high safety level for the trade partners or swap partners! We also make sure that no fakes are traded and help our members to recognize them.

And where are you headed now?

We want Roxstox to be a real home for all private collectors. Our portal lives by and with the community. That’s why we completely exclude commercial dealers and make sure that the portal is free of advertising.

We have grand plans. We want Roxstox to be the most important reference data base for all collectibles in music and thus the top address for all collectors worldwide.

Let’s rock!