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Wehrmacht is an American thrash metal/hardcore punk band, that was formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1985. The band released several demos and began to gain popularity in the underground metal and punk tape trading community in 1985-1986. After being signed to New Renaissance Records, the band released two albums, 'Shark Attack' and 'Biermacht.'

Guitarist Marco 'Sharko' Zorich and vocalist Tito Matos went on to form Spazztic Blurr with Eric French (who would later replace Brian Lehfeldt on drums) and David Merrick. Brian Lehfeldt would also help form Sweaty Nipples with Eric French and David Merrick.

After the demise of New Renaissance Records, Wehrmacht self-released the EP Vice Grip in 1990, then briefly changed their name to Macht, after which the band split up in 1992. Later, Shark Attack and Biermacht were re-issued on one CD.

Lehfeldt would later go on to play in Cryptic Slaughter and tour with Everclear. Lehfeldt's most recent projects are Drumattica and Tri-polar. Shann Mortimer went on to play with the Nervous Christians and Bastard Children of the Roman Empire. He is now a criminal defense attorney. John Duffy continued playing music, most recently with the band Kapuda.

Despite the band's name the members do not pursue Nazi ideals and are against the persecution of anyone. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

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Genre: Metal
Status: Active
Country: USA
Top-Release: Shark Attack
Owner: SODemon