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RoXstoX is the new platform for collectors in the areas of merchandise and music. No matter if you are on the hunt for vintage tees, rare records, CDs in demand, guitar “Pleks” or old magazines, here’s what you are looking for. On RoXstoX you can create and manage your own collection. In the unique RoXstoX data base more than 1.000.000 collectibles are available by now and you can add them quickly to your collection. But the focus is not only on collecting. RoXstoX also provides the auctioneer STOXTRADE where you can buy new items for your collection or offer items from your collection for sale and the swap meet SWAPSTOX for swapping with other collectors. All without commercial dealers with cheap merchandise. Roxstox- from collectors for collectors.

The RoXstoX-Story

What is new at Roxstox?

• Still win with a bit of luck rare collector’s items.

A big wave goes to all the participants in our German Metal Hammer Competition. We were thrilled by the huge response!
If you haven’t signed up to RoXstoX yet you are welcome to join our community.

1. Winner: AC/DC Tour Jersey 1980 – Güni666
2. Winner: ANTHRAX Gitarren Pick – fighter_one
3. Winner: DEATH Tour shirt 1990 - inactive messiah
4. Winner: KISS Poster 80th - NocturnalOccultist
5. Winner: METALLICA Pick 1991 - Exhumer
6. Winner: MANOWAR Autographs 90th - kairay
7. Winner: COMMUNIC CD - Savras78
8. Winner: ANTHRAX Pin 1987 - Ratman
9. Winner: TESTAMENT Tour Book 1990 - Rodring Wild
10. Winner: OBITUARY Tour Poster 1992 - EPIC ERIC
11. Winner: ANTHRAX Drum Stick - KalYcos
12. Winner: SLAYER Pass 1988 - heir of throne
13. Winner: MEGADETH Pick - Mille
14. Winner: Rock Together Festival Poster 1991 - Lord Agathan
15. Winner: OVERKILL Guitar Pick - prodigalson
16. Winner: MEGADETH Pin 80th - nw969wn
17. Winner: METALLICA Pass 1991 - Laurenz 67
18. Winner: SLAYER Guitar Picks - mikem
19. Winner: OVERKILL Promo Poster 1989 - nils666
20. Winner: EXODUS Guitar Pick - musickcadas

Congratulation from the complete RoXstoX Team


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  • create own collection
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  • 100% image size
  • use of mail system
  • 5 free auctions per month
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  • market value visible
  • 10 free auctions per month
  • 5 free auction images per auction

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  • use low price protection
  • hide own collection
  • 15 free auctions per month
  • 6 free auction images per auction

At Roxstox’s we focus on transparency and fairness. And this is why we deliberately don’t offer automatically renewed subscriptions but user packages for a limited period. Thus you always have the full cost control and don’t have to care about notice periods. Depending on the term we offer attractive discounts. View the rate summary here.